Yearly check-in

Getting warmer…maybe.  My hope for this project, whatever it may turn into, is not gone.  Irini stares at me from her shelf, waiting in suspended animation beside elves, half-vampires, and a rebellious, partially-formed program named TOON.

I look at my stats and see occasional page views that aren’t me.  Hi there, unknown people.  Feel free to comment if anything strikes you as interesting or you have any questions, or just want to say “hi.”  I welcome your thoughts, even ones that may be very different from my own.

The release of the Ep. 7 trailer brought my own story back to mind.  No new details to report now, but hopefully that will change soon.  I’ve got to get back to some kind of creative activity…anything would be an improvement.


Set phasers to thaw…

Yeah, I know, I’m so cool I can get away with referencing the wrong fandom.

All the little lights on the carbonite chamber are still green — Irini is still alive in there.  In browsing old posts today, I don’t think I got around to covering the Disney trade, which happened after I stopped posting.  Star Wars is also alive, eventually to be enjoyed and whined about again.  I’m happy about that.

I’m back to drawing lately, working on TRON/TOON-themed things for the moment but also keeping Grids on my mind.

Sorry, kid…it’s the carbonite chamber for you.

Yeh. This project is hereby officially shelved. I may come back to the story and it may change a lot, but it seems that like Star Trek Next Generation, people aren’t really getting what this is about without seeing it. With only a couple posting interest and no chance whatsoever that the great creator will allow this to become a movie, as well as some new real-life developments, I can’t spend any more time here for quite a while. Many thanks to the two people that did show interest; your encouragement means a great deal.

On to other projects…profitable ones that aren’t obvious derivatives! (Everything’s a derivative of something, even when we don’t notice it.)

Coming to a theatre near you…never!

That was brutally anticlimactic, wasn’t it?  Yes, it’s true, this will never be a movie.  But, why?

Well, super-fans who think they know better than the guy who wrote the original story is why.  From Jar-Jar to Han Shot First, (damned right he did, btw,) the loudest voices George heard over the last decade were the blog-jockeys who had to bitch to no end about how he ruined it.  Thus as of the latest comments from George, there will never be more of the Star Wars series made into movies — not by him, not by anyone else.  (At least anybody who wants to charge admission.)

He’s allowed and tightly controlled the Clone Wars and future live-action show.  He tolerates the books and games going beyond his original scope.  There’s now an official rule that screen-plays are rejected at the door.  At one time there might have been another trilogy.  There could have been more had there been less back-seat-directing, but there will not be.

So — thanks, super-fans.  You’re so super-cool YOU killed the series you loved.  Good job!


(It’s only due to the really nice and/or young people who may read this that I deleted the last word I wanted to write here.  Let’s just say “nerf herders” would be a very tame substitute.)

Irini the Librarian..?

No, not exactly.  I think I found the path to the first part of my story, however.  There were indeed quite a few Jedi who escaped Operation Knightfall, (a.k.a. The Purge, Order 66,) either by luck or by stealth or uncommon knowledge…or combinations thereof.  A couple of those, purely by coincidence, were former Padawans of Jocasta Nu, the Master librarian that Obi-Wan speaks with in his investigation of Kamino, the source of the army of clones.

While her Padawans are specified and written into the Extended Universe stories, she’s also known to be stubborn and temperamental about her precious archives.  (“If it’sss not in the archiveses, it doesssn’t exist, tricksy Kenobi!”  …Sorry, Master Nu.  Couldn’t resist.)

So.  If it were that a persistent little girl popped in day-after-day questioning minute details about war records, it wouldn’t be very likely that said youngling would be selected as the librarian’s Padawan — and as has been recorded, she wasn’t.  I’ll need to build a sympathetic Knight who will take Irini on for training.  Her dream was to work with the Jedi Lore Keepers, but there’s more than one way to skin a book and her master will be supportive of her novel approach to preventing future wars — or at least trying to.

Though the time period is changing and is actually in territory that’s more familiar than that of the post-Endor New Republic, I’m maintaining the ties to Corellia I previously mentioned.  I’m not sure what her birth home will be now, but I like what I’m reading about the quirks common among Corellian Jedi, including their own aesthetics and allowance of attachments like family — birth and chosen.  Yes, this is the planet that gave us the future General Solo…they’re a little more casual than the likes of Yoda, Obi-Wan or Mace.

Irini’s family will likely live on Corellia and her master may hail from the planet, as well.  A friend or cousin of her family would have extra reason for showing some sympathy and not wanting to make the child conform against her nature.

More later, including details on this Knight fellow.  Yes, fellow.  Gotta have a little testosterone around to balance things out.  (‘Cause STAR WARS doesn’t have enough dudes running around with guns and swords…)


As I thought may be a possibility, 13 ABY seems to be too early a start, now that I’ve done more digging into the founding of the New Jedi Order’s praxeum and how much time it took to grow to a point where every person hasn’t already been written about.

The praxeum on Yavin 4, founded by Master Skywalker in 11 ABY, only had a handful of students its first year.  The next year noted in my sources is 14 ABY, with a longer but still very particular list.  There is a limited period of about 15 years before the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy(!) and trashed the praxeum, which was relocated afterward.  I don’t want to get into (or even close to) that complex time period or later, so sometime before 20 ABY.

The thought’s come to me that maybe earlier is the answer.  There were many Jedi before the “Order 66” purge and it would be easy to insert a character or three there.  Even afterward may work, but we’d have to be very sneaky to avoid Vader.  There are also certain unique ideas I’ve thought to try that would be easier to work with if my starting point is before the purge, when things like lightsaber crystals were outlawed and buried or destroyed by Palpatine.

Within that time period, I think I’d want her to be a new Padawan at the point of Order 66.  Too young to have been drafted into the Clone Wars like Ashoka, but beyond the youngling stage where she’d have been stuck at the Jedi Temple and killed by Vader.

(more coming…)

Name that Nerd-iwan!

She has a name, now.  Irini Fal Favall.  Her friends may call her Rini, though I don’t think she’ll prefer such.  There is historic significance in it…can you spot it?  Big bonus points if you can figure out both references.  George probably could without much thought…

Irini in her current draft, was born on Coruscant, five years before the Battle of Yavin.  (BBY)  I’m thinking that due to the conflict there when Palpatine was first killed, her family moved to Corellia in 4 ABY, when she was nine.  At the current year of 13 ABY, she’s going on 18 years old.  I may shuffle dates around a little, however…Jedi seem to tend towards starting adventures well before what we consider adulthood.

In all the reading I’ve done, I keep coming across little tidbits I’d like to work in.  Lots of Corellian stuff, like green Jedi robes!  Yeah, I know, I’ve had elves that were all over the green, but only a couple of you knew that before reading it here.  😉  It’s different, within the “current” time period and I like it.  Mandalorian stuff is pretty interesting…that’s the culture that gave us the Fett family and all those crazy clones.  Perhaps a friend can be one…yep, they can be Jedi, too.  Even Boba sported a lightsaber for all of five minutes, before Darth Vader STOLE it.  😛

All for now…may see how well she comes together in Studio, someday soon.  Definitely getting some more specific visuals in my head.