Coming to a theatre near you…never!

That was brutally anticlimactic, wasn’t it?  Yes, it’s true, this will never be a movie.  But, why?

Well, super-fans who think they know better than the guy who wrote the original story is why.  From Jar-Jar to Han Shot First, (damned right he did, btw,) the loudest voices George heard over the last decade were the blog-jockeys who had to bitch to no end about how he ruined it.  Thus as of the latest comments from George, there will never be more of the Star Wars series made into movies — not by him, not by anyone else.  (At least anybody who wants to charge admission.)

He’s allowed and tightly controlled the Clone Wars and future live-action show.  He tolerates the books and games going beyond his original scope.  There’s now an official rule that screen-plays are rejected at the door.  At one time there might have been another trilogy.  There could have been more had there been less back-seat-directing, but there will not be.

So — thanks, super-fans.  You’re so super-cool YOU killed the series you loved.  Good job!


(It’s only due to the really nice and/or young people who may read this that I deleted the last word I wanted to write here.  Let’s just say “nerf herders” would be a very tame substitute.)


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