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Typing again…cozy.  Noting that at the moment, having clicked the New Post link in the bar next to my name, I can see what I’m typing.  I feel so spoiled.

I’m narrowing down a name…rather mathematically at the moment (i.e., specifically avoiding letters used in existing major character names from Amidala to Yoda,) since I don’t yet know this young lady well enough to give her a name.  That and I’m used to working in other universes that allowed latin and all its friends to guide one to a name.  I think SW names just need to sound cool.  We’ll get there.

I thought Ashoka Tano might be worth bringing up after one of my earlier comments.  I’d said that the seven movies hadn’t had a female primary protagonist.  I’ve not watched The Clone Wars animated show, but I have been doing a lot of reading, did see the movie and I think I can stand by what I said.  Ashoka is an ensemble character…more pivotal and focused upon than Leia and Amidala before (and during) her time on-screen, but when you boil it down, it’s still all about the Skywalkers.  (…and Kenobi.)

Now with all that cleared up, a little editorial.  I don’t like Ashoka.  Her attitude is too much of a mirror to her master, who’s probably himself too young to take on a padawan.  (The following quote is copied from starwars.wikia.com, the Wookieepedia.)

You’re reckless, little one. You never would have made it as Obi-Wan’s Padawan… but you might make it as mine.
―Anakin Skywalker to Tano, following the Battle of Christophsis

…yeah.  That’s the very reason they should never have been paired.  😛  They encourage each-other’s faults.

Then there’s the skin/clothes ratio.  She’s sixteen at one point in the story and a representative of the Jedi Order.  For her own protection, the Order’s public image and so as to be less a distraction to other members…the girl needs to put on some clothes.  Twi’Lek Jedi Aayla Secura comes from a culture that also commonly wears minimal clothing, but grown-up and better able to defend herself though she is, she generally wears more clothing than Ashoka.  She’s even been seen wearing Jedi robes over her usual garb, as they’re all supposed to do when not in battle — it’s a uniform.  Anakin wears robes…I’ve yet to see a still of Ashoka in one.

Yes, teenagers like to rebel.  Jedi padawans, however, are being trained as warriors and diplomats.  They carry lightsabres before they’re trained to make one.  There is a higher standard and the word “master” infers a higher level of control and respect.  Her superiors were much more strict with pairing and dealing with attitude in years previous.  Perhaps this contributed to their downfall at the blade of one newbie Sith knight, hmm, Master Yoda?  (a.k.a. George…)  😛

Okay, rant over.  Needless to say, my young lady will not be very similar to Ashoka.  I may channel a little of Pauley Perretti’s Abby Sciuto, with some of young Anakin Skywalker’s technical talents…minus the whole dark messiah thing. She’ll have some attitude, but paired with respect for her master and for laws and direct orders.

I’m pretty sure she’s going to have a bit of a disability that will reinforce her pacifistic preference not to fight…right now I’m leaning towards one less-than perfect cybernetic eye.  Delayed depth perception is not a good quality for a young warrior.  A slicer, on the other hand, wouldn’t be bothered by it enough to beg for an upgrade.  Eventually her mastery of the force will overcome the hindrance…likely within the grid.

What do you think, people who aren’t reading any of this?


Thinking Aloud…

Along with finding the images of those two posters that I knew I’d seen long ago, I did some reading in regards to Star Wars/TRON crossovers, comparisons, etc.  Evidently I’m far from the first to point out similarities, but in a minority with those who weren’t bothered by said similarities.  Some folks were downright mean, particularly towards Legacy, in regards to having characteristics of Star Wars and The Matrix.

Hey, Star Tours is in the same location that TRON stuff used to reside at Disneyland, so it’s not like they haven’t been around each other before.  (That was before the People Movers turned into rockets, then turned into…”That platform up there used to be a ride.”)

Ah well, but even if I’m the hundredth fellow to invent the wheel, I think it’s quite a nice and useful shape.  It’s hard to take honest credit when you’re springing off of not one but two of the most popular stories of your generation, anyways.

Also on my mind…I like the good Captain as much as any hetero geek dude should and I definitely plan to explore him and his background more than the Skywalker line, but I think I want my overall, long term story to be bigger than just one person or family.  I want it to be really big and stand alongside the primary seven* movies and various TV shows, not be relegated to the land of one-offs like the Ewok movie or…Holiday Special?  I don’t even want to look that one up.

* – Seeing as Lucas is running strong with The Clone Wars, I’m including its movie along with the pair of trilogies, as core to the franchise.

Thus, today I’m rethinking the primary title.  Sorry, Han.  There may be a SW: Solo, but this won’t be it.  Wouldn’t be the same without Harrison Ford, anyway.  This may be the obvious choice, but what do people think about SW: Grid Wars?

So where is this leading?  There are a few things I will and will not be doing.  I will be exploring histories and I’m not sure how far back, yet.  Some of the story will happen before Anakin Skywalker was born…this may or may not be via flashback.  I will explore the earlier adventures of Han, Chewie and Yoda, among others we’re familiar with.  I will not focus on anyone named Skywalker and there will not be daddy issues or unforeseen incestuous snogging between siblings.  I may make my primary protagonist female.  There’s something that hasn’t happened in any major Star Wars production.  (Books and games that don’t get turned into movies aren’t major, in this franchise.)

I’m sorting details in my head about how to integrate Encom-like technology into the SW story, then integrate the protagonist into the tech, heheh.  More details to come.  There will probably be a side plot featuring the physical-world characters trying to sort out what happened to the nerd-iwan…but keep in mind how quickly computers process commands, leading to time distortion.  The kid will be in there for a while, with little time passing outside.

Nothing actually written yet, beyond the dummy title and an approximate date for the physical universe.  13 ABY (years After the Battle of Yavin,) which is nine years beyond the events in RotJ.  Other than typing this, most of this learning and planning is done while I’m doing other things.  One of the few benefits of having ADD…I was multitasking long before Win 95 ever came out.

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Side note:  Why do I get white text on white background with no font controls to fix this, while using Internet Explorer?